Why Brooch Is The Unexpected Accessory You Need Now

Kate Middleton embellished her asymmetric neckline with a sparkly brooch CREDIT: REX 

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Whether you’re wondering if you can recycle your slightly tired black blazer for the office Christmas party or looking for unique stocking fillers or simply searching for interesting ways to accessories …  the Brooch and its cooler cousin… the pin, might be just the answer you’re after.
Blogger Nicole Warne opted for a large, colourful brooch to top off her otherwise simple ensembleCREDIT: REX 

”Brooches and pins are part of the growing trend for personalisation”, Dominic Jones, Creative Director of Astley Clarke, tells The Telegraph. Not only do they bring originality and newness to your go-to pieces, but they also look chic and have the ability to add a touch of eccentricity to your look.

Here’s why we think you should embrace the brooch…

They add originality to your outfit

”Brooches are a great way to personalise an outfit”, Natalie Kingham, Buying Director at MATCHESFASHION.com tells The Telegraph, ”I have one on just about every jacket I own.” A brooch or a pin is a very effective way to add originality to your look. If you’ve purchased the same Topshop blazer as everyone else, a sparkly embellishment strategically placed on the lapel, will ensure your jacket stands out among its counterparts. ”It’s a more modern take on the classic idea of the charm bracelet – the personal touches that are unique to you”, agrees Jones.

Alexa Chung’s safety pin-style brooch is the perfect finishing touch for her look CREDIT: REX

They pep up a black ensemble

If you naturally gravitate towards 50 shades of black for evening, then a brooch will add another (welcome) dimension to your look. Try adding a collection of pins or a statement brooch to the pocket of a shirt or the front of a dress, instead of dangly earrings or a weighty necklace. It will offer a similar effect and will minimize the need for bright colours.

 Kristin Scott Thomas added a welcome embellishment to her all-black outfit CREDIT: REX

They’re versatile

You can wear a brooch on everything from an evening dress or a tuxedo jacket, to a T-shirt or knitted jumper and it’s an accessory that easily bridges the day-to-night divide. ”The popularity of our pins is due to their versatility”, Jones continues, ”women wear them one at a time or in a row or cluster, and place them on everything from crisp shirts to coats, or even bags and bobble hats.” What’s more, while brooches might once have been considered the preserve of the 50+ age bracket,  they actually look fabulous on all ages.

A collection of pins by Astley Clarke

Maximum impact for minimum effort (and expenditure)

A brooch immediately grants a piece of clothing an interesting edge, and can transform simple office attire into opulent eveningwear.

This trend won’t break the bank either. According to Lyst, the average order value for a brooch is just £20 – a figure which is kept low by the popularity of inexpensive pin styles over elaborate brooches; searches for pin brooches have increased 60% in the last 6 months, proof that this is a trend on the rise.

Lily Rose Depp wears a simple gold pin on the lapel of her jacket CREDIT: REX

If they’re good enough for the royals…

The Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie Countess of Wessex are among the members of the royal family to pledge their allegiance to the brooch in public. Just as they do for the rest of us, brooches offer an opportunity to add creative flair to the tailored suits and mid-length dresses sported by the royals. Where shoulder-grazing earrings or a chunky necklace might not be suitable for every occasion, a brooch is always appropriate.

Sophie Countess of Wessex added character to her navy outfit in the form of a subtle pin placed on her collar.  CREDIT: REX

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